Lifelong Investment Property

Our client came to the Hatton Construction team looking to build a lifelong investment property, utilising both rental and long-term gain. Considering all aspects of the home, placing budget in the right areas was crucial to creating the best possible gain/return on investment. By working with our architect,
the client, and the Hatton Construction team, we were able to achieve this desire. The Dome Home has a beautiful balance of simplicity in its lines and contrast from the use of natural products that will stand the test of time.

From beginning to end, the client knew it was going to be easy to get a high calibre tenant and we worked closely with them throughout to ensure this was achieved. Apart from a beautiful, modern home, the best part of this project was knowing how easy the client found the process with Hatton Construction, even putting them in touch with a brilliant property manager. Hatton Construction goes above and beyond for all clients


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Riverhead Project

Our clients approached Hatton with a dream and a budget. The Hatton team guided them towards the perfect balance.

Dome Project

Our client came to Hatton looking to build a lifelong investment property, utilising both rental and long-term gain.

Beach Project

From the outside in, this home is a masterpiece of both modern design and architectural beauty.


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