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Having a minor dwelling on your property can be an excellent way to generate capital growth, additional income, or house loved ones without the need for subdividing, and when it comes to quality, Hatton have some of the best small dwellings NZ has ever seen.

We specialise in constructing some of the best granny flats NZ has to offer as a minor dwelling on your property. We can assist in designing a functional yet stylish minor dwelling, including granny flats, and handle the entire building and consenting process. You can choose from a variety of options to create the perfect fit for your property.


Need A Small Place?

Minor dwellings, such as granny flats, present a fantastic opportunity for generating rental income, as they provide a separate, comfortable living space that appeals to tenants. Additionally, they serve as ideal housing solutions for family members, allowing close proximity while maintaining privacy and independence.

Small dwellings can also be used to create an extension on your property. A minor dwelling can be added onto your house if you have enough space available. This option is ideal if you don't have a large budget for building an extension but still desire an extra room or two! At Hatton Construction, we build small homes NZ loves!

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Designing Minor Dwelling

Designing and building a separate space on a residential site can be a valuable investment, especially if that space can be rented. However, deciding the intentions for the space is crucial, as the type of space it is will determine what regulations the build falls under and what consent is required.

Investment Properties

Designing and building a separate space for rental can be a valuable investment, especially if that space can be rented out. But If you're building an income property, it's important to understand the regulations surrounding it.

Creating Your Space

If you're considering designing only as a workspace or office, there are fewer compliance requirements and the project becomes more about designing a space that provides the right features for its intended use.


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Riverhead Project

Our clients approached Hatton with a dream and a budget. The Hatton team guided them towards the perfect balance.

Dome Project

Our client came to Hatton looking to build a lifelong investment property, utilising both rental and long-term gain.

Beach Project

From the outside in, this home is a masterpiece of both modern design and architectural beauty.


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